Through our combined competencies in Agronomy, Management and Communication, we support driven managers in ag sector companies transforming their ideas into implementable strategies and tangible results.


Intensifying agriculture to meet society’s food and fiber needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – thats sustainable agriculture. Good Agricultural Practices and key principles build the foundation for this approach promoting soil health, minimizing water use and pollution levels, and increasing farmworkers’ wellbeing. Strategic alignment and commitment towards Sustainable Agriculture needs to be established on corporate level and broken down into initiatives, programs and activities proofing a tangible contribution, also in terms of stewardship.

We help our clients to identify key topics of Sustainable Agriculture in their individual contexts and develp hands-on strategies and concepts for implementing tangible contributions.


Food Chain Companies face immense competition today. Based on increasing consumer demands, food safety, security and quality become an increasingly complex challenge in the light of global flows of goods. In particular with regard to limited arable land and negative impact on the environment, the intensification of agriculture puts efficiency and sustainable farming practices at the core of new approaches to agriculture and global sourcing.

We support multinational clients in developing strategies and approaches for food sourcing partnerships that are built on agronomic standards, farm advice and certifcation to reliably get good food from the field to the consumers.


Against the ever increasing mass of messages, clients nowadays face a hard time cutting through the clutter to get their brand’s value across and make target groups understand. Marketing and communication programs not only need to seize all relevant touchpoints consistently to overcome communication barriers successfully. Committedly engaging with target groups and making sure that a credible and emotional story is told is also key to raise marketing and communication effectiveness.

We help our clients to develop integrated strategies and programs that change the interaction with target groups, increase impact and positively influence behaviour in reality.


Reviewing and adjusting your strategic initiative and project mix on regular basis is essential to match investments to objectives, asset allocation and performance. Return could have decreased over time given the fast moving change of the business context and its influencing factors, whereas new opportunities might arise allowing for a higher business impact.

We support our clients in making sure that the strategic initiative and project mix moves in concert, reflects on overarching goals and contributes to business. Corresponding strategies are jointly developed and operationalized to execute effective change throughout the client’s portfolio.


When approaching new topics and making them part of farming or business operations, e.g. sustainable agriculture and digitization, people should be systematically taken through tailored training efforts via a blended learning approach to make sure that required knowledge and skills are well established. Formal training and e-learning courses need to go hand in hand with perfomance support tools on-the-job and at the moment of need to ensure the successfull application of newly gained knowledge and skills. Through this, behaviour is effectively changed and the required level of perfomance reached in daily operations.

We help our clients to develop and implement effective learning concepts, programs, materials and tools to capitalize on knowledge and skills for new topics.


In an increasingly volatile and uncertain business environment, companies need to be agile in managing change, risk and opportunities. Corporate Entrepreneurship is key here and refers to the development of new ideas, executing them quickly and seizing opportunities inside and outside of businesses, resulting in the improvement of profitability and a strengthened competitive position.

We support our clients in developing and implementing a tailored Corporate Entrepreneurship approach, infuse it with new ideas for market leadership and help turning these ideas into tangible results.


As new digital technologies emerge, the transformation of businesses is accelerating daily. In the digital age, focusing on becoming the market leader in disrupting technologies may hold considerable value over pursuing market leadership positions using technologies from the past. The Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, sensing, and big data analytics are opening new worlds of valuable information and automation. Business models alter, tapping new revenue streams and allowing businesses to reach improved profitability.

We help our clients to develop and implement tailored strategies on integrating digital technologies into processes, products and services. Together we modify business models and strengthen competitiveness for a properous future.


Business models are the core of value creation, delivery and capture. As sustainability and digitalization play an increasingly important role to remain competitive, these key factors need to be consistenly integrated in given business models and value propositions to unfold its full value throughout the business.

We support our clients in reviewing, refining and implementing given business models with regard to sustainability and digital technologies. Value propositions for products, services and initiatives are specified accordingly, helping the client to more precisely explain and and proof benefits being experienced by customers.


Nowadays, a new technology revolution takes farming to a whole new level. Satellites, smart sensors and high precision positioning systems allow farmers through IT applications and high-tech engineering to grow more food with less resources. Variations in the field (soil, weather, vegetation, pests, nutrients, water) determining crop growth, yield and quality are managed more accurately. Thus, precision farming sustainably increases agricultural productivity, helping to meet the challenge of a rising world population and food security.

We help our clients to develop and implement tailored strategies on precision agriculture offerings (products and services) including the successful commercialization in global key markets.

Towards the Future

We are enabling ag sector companies to stay on top of a constantly changing world of agriculture and increase their business impact

Client Case – Crop Protection Products:
Strengthening Societal Acceptance

  • The population’s ever-increasing critical stance against crop protection products

  • Public demonization of the agrochemical industry through NGO campaigns and media coverage

  • Distorted public perception and denouncing of crop protection products as generally toxic and carcinogenic

  • Increased regulation and restrictions for crop protection products through political will

  • Unsuccessful re-registration of active substances, product banning, and severe sales losses

To proactively prevent this, companies can substantially improve public acceptance beyond CSR and PR using appropriate stewardship measures and solutions. This will increase their License to Operate and correct distorted public perceptions that were fueled by negative campaigns and reporting. Through scalable Stewardship and Communication strategies, we strengthen Public Acceptance along the Agricultural Value Chain.

Our Success Factors

ELFIN works and acts together with clients on the interface between strategy and implementation. Operational solutions and contributions are central to our output. Our engagement to clients always follows our firmly established principles:

  1. Pragmatic working style – achieving workable, tangible and realizable proposals and action plans
  2. Implementable solutions – considering requirements already in strategy and planning stages
  3. Experience in Sustainable Agriculture – focus on specific needs of client and project, no standardized solutions
  1. Innovative IT Business Solutions – deep understanding of interface between business processes and IT systems
  2. Passionate about making a difference – personal commitment driven by entrepreneurial attitude